Two types of blogposts that gets visitors

Two types of blogposts that gets visitors


On this blog I am testing a lot of different types of blogposts, I like to see what works and what do not (What kind on posts gets visitors). I have mainly been writing about things that considers my job as a web developer and search engine optimizer at Genero, but every now and then I try to inject humor or posts in a completely different genre than SEO and technical stuff. And after analyzing the amount of visitors for a while, I have recognized two posts that differs from the other. The two posts are the ones that gets the most traffic, one gets visitors continuely, every day, and the other one got a good amount of visitors for two days, but not much after that. I used different techniques when writing the two blogposts, and these two techniques is what this blogpost is about.

Blogpost that gets visitors from social media

The one that have got most links and visitors from social media sites is the one I wrote in Swedish about “Idol 2010 on Twitter“. My vife was watching the boring TV-show Idol a friday night, and I checked if someone is writing about it on twitter. I found out that people was making new tweets about the singers in the show almost every second, and it was very funny tweets, all of them tagged with #idol2010! I gathered all the funniest tweets of that night, and published them on my blog. I published the post with pictures of every singer, and besides the image, the funnisest tweets about that singer. I also published a link to the person that wrote the update on twitter, and “mentioned” him in a tweet with a link to my post (sent him a public message on Twitter). I mentioned about 20 persons.


Almost everyone of them retweeted my link and felt happy to be in my post, they shared the link a several times each on twitter, and their friends shared it too. That day and the day after I got almost as much visitors to that post as I got to the other posts together in a month!

Blogpost that gets visitors from related site

Once I tested one thing in Drupal (a tool for making websites that I use at work) that no one else had been doing before.

At least I found no info about it on the internet. I asked for an answer to the problem on a related page on the Drupal website, but nobody answered my question. So I figured out how to do by testing and making some code, and then I wrote a blogpost about how I did, because I thought that somone else maybe also had the same problem. I made a tutorial for solving the problem with “cck fields in a quick tab block“.

After that I went back to the Drupal site and told them that I figured out it myself, and provided a link to my solution. Apparently some people had the same problem, because from that link, I get quite a lot of visitors every day, and the amount of visitors is not decreasing. This post also get a lot of visitors from search engines, the link from the big Drupal website gave me some good help in the search engine rankings. So in a couple of months, this post gets as much visitors as the one made for social media got in two days.

Which type of blogpost do I prefer?

Should I write a few posts every day, I would definitely go for the number one type, the one that gets social media visitors. If I could find such a funny thing to write about every day, and if I had a blog about topics that the random dudes are interested in, I would go for a lot of this kind of posts. But I know that I have to keep the blog focused about the topics I know about, and can not write about whatever just for getting visitors that reads one post and then leave.

I write about one to two posts per week (I woud like to anyway), so big peaks in visitors two times a week is nothing I like. So for me, the second type of blogpost suits me better. Then I can keep the blog focused about a few related topics, and get visitors that wants to read more on my blog. And links from websites that gets a lot of traffic every day is for me more valuable than links from social media that stays for a day or two.

But I will still keep on breaking the rules of keeping a focused blog, and now and then test some silly posts. The best thing would of course be a post that combines the both traffic sources. I like to test different types of linkbaits. Here I wrote about a great linkbait that I found, the citynetwork blogging competition.

Hopefully you do not find this site too unfocused, and keep on reading.. :)


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