Successful Facebook campaign, case study MUSCH

Successful Facebook campaign, case study MUSCH


It starts to be a long time ago since I last shared a case study, I think it is time for one again! This is a case study of a successful Facebook campaign we ran before Christmas for one of our (Genero Digital Agency) customers, MUSCH, a dog and cat food making company in Finland.

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The Facebook campaign idea

Successful Facebook campaigns - case study MUSCH

The idea of the Facebook campaign was to give away dog and cat food to homeless dogs, for free, in time for Christmas. And in the same time draw attention to the company and increase the base of enthusiastic “likers”. The company was giving away 100 grams of dog food for every “fan”, for every Tweet with the hashtag #Muschjouluiloa, and for every blog using any of the campaign banners on their site. This is how we did it:

  1. A Facebook page was made, where you could vote for which charity should get the most of the money. You could pick one of three, the one with the most votes would get 50% of the free food, the one with the second most would get 30% of the food, and the one with the least votes would get the last 20% of the food. Everyone got something, anyway, I think that is a smart idea to get rid of a lot of negative feedback. A touching story was made for all three  charities as well.
  2. For being able to vote, you had to like the MUSCH Facebook page first. When you voted, you simple clicked a like-button under the logo for the charity, so you actually liked the story of the charity, and it was posted to your wall.
  3. A bowl of dog-food was placed on the Facebook page, the amount of food in it increased with every new like. Just a fun thing!
  4. Ads were made on Facebook pointing to the Facebook-page, different ads for cat and dog owners.

That was about it. People went crazy sharing and recommending the company, because they all wanted to help MUSCH give away as much food as possible to the homeless dogs and cats. People were sharing all the statuses that were made during the campaign time  a lot as well.

The results of the Facebook campaign (or case)

I think that the results of the successful Facebook campaign is best presented in this case-video:

In the first day the amount of fans on MUSCH doubled, from about 6000 to 12000. The next day it went up with another 8000. Totally during the two weeks the campaign was running, the amount of fans grew from 6,425 to 38,586, which is an increase with over 600%. The fan page was the most growing Facebook page in Finland during this time, according to “Fanilista” where the most pages are listed.

In the end, the three different charities got 3,981.4kg of free dog and cat food. Vaasan kissatalo (The House of Cats in the City of Vaasa) received 1,535 votes and 50% of the donated pet food. Pelastetaan koirat (Save the Dogs) got 1,236 likes and 30% of the donated pet food. Kodittomat koirat (Homeless Dogs) got 686 likes and 20% of the pet food.

At its peak, 29,483 people were talking about MUSCH and the campaign, and 1,140 recommendations were made. The blog post on the MUSCH web site where the campaign was described was shared 945 times, and the banners linking to musch were placed on 29 blogs, along with other content about MUSCH in a very positive manner. And mostly in blog posts, which means the links will be permanent, all of you knowing what SEO is about knows what that does for the rankings in Google as well.

everyhing got liked, I think it is a successful facebook campaign

The case were submitted to Facebook studios

Thanks for reading my successful Facebook campaign case study, be sure to go and like the case on Facebook Studios as well, that would be really appreciated! Read this post in Swedish here!

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  • Facebook is the best social media and it has more interesting features to study.. Thanks for sharing.

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