SEO-trick 16  – Use a company blog for getting traffic from trends and seasons

SEO-trick 16 – Use a company blog for getting traffic from trends and seasons


I hope you have tried to add a blog for gaining more traffic to your site? I will today relieve a little about blogging for trends and seasons. You know, things that happens all the time, some every year, like Christmas and Spring break for example, and other’s that are harder to plan for, like earthquakes and your country winning the football world cup. But anyway, you can always use seasons and trends for gaining some more traffic. Let’s talk a little about how.

Writing for getting traffic from trends and seasons

You have probably already seen my SEO Christmas calendar. That´s one of my ways of getting more traffic now when it is Christmas. I just added a page where I gather 24 blog posts in a style of a calendar, and release one every day. Blog posts that I would have been writing anyway. That’s one way, rewriting the content you would have been writing anyway, so that it fits the season.

Examples of company blogs writing special posts for the seasons

If you want to see a more concrete example, from a website that does not belong to a brand selling stuff online, you should check out the blog. That is also one of our customers, and here is one example of them making special kind of content for this season, Christmas: Joulukinkun paistaminen. That means something like “how to cook the christmas ham”. “Christmas ham” is a kind of food everybody eats in Finland and Sweden at Christmas.

The trend for “Joulukinkun paistaminen”

write for trends - example of joulukinkun paistaminen

I thought I should take a real example, so that you easier can see how to do. First, go to Google Trends (the picture) and find a phrase that is trending every year the same time, like this, you can see that it is being searched for in the end of the year every year. A no-brainer really, the word contains “christmas”. But it is a good and easy example. You might as well be able to make some content before Christmas still, or at least before new years eve.

Find a few phrases that is trending the same time then search for them in Google for checking if the competition is hard or not. Then chose the one with the most traffic (Check keyword tool for this as well) and the least competition (this is hard, I know, but you learn by doing), and write a long blog post about that. Like the “Joulukinkun paistaminen” one. Then take a few of the other phrases that are trending the same time and write blog posts about them as well, linking to the one that is “most important”. If you have a strong enough domain, and your site is built in the right way, you will probably find a lot of phrases for which your site will be found on the first page in Google for, just by writing the blog posts.

And the best part, they will be there next year as well, when the phrase is trending again!

joulukinkun paistaminen - a trend at christmas in Finland

So, if you have not been checking Google trends yet, be sure to check it. And remember to write the texts search engine friendly and totally onpage optimized, even if you of course is writing for the visitors, not for search engines. But remember to be aware of the search engines as well, otherwise you will not have any visitors to write for..:) Here is another blogpost of mine where Google trends is used: Search by drawing in Google Correlate. Are you still not sure of why you should have a company blog? Then check my blog post about reasons for having a company blog (On  Thanks for reading. Back to the calendar.


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