SEO-tip 1: Rewrite content from hyped Flash site for stealing traffic

SEO-tip 1: Rewrite content from hyped Flash site for stealing traffic


This is so easy that it hurts. You were probably thinking so as well when seeing the heading. Rewriting content from Flash sites really works, because Flash sites just sucks in search results. This is how to do:

How to steal traffic from Flash sites

  1. You have to find a Flash site in your niche. Check forums, Twitter and Facebook to find what kind of movies, brands or products are hot right now in your niche.
  2. Find a hot topic that is on a Flash site.
  3. Check Google keyword tool for finding what people that wants to find the content are searching for. If it is a new trend, Keyword tool does probably not know about it yet, then you just have to let your gut-feeling decide. But video-clips names are always hot!
  4. Make a blogpost on your WordPress blog (or whatever blog), where you describes the content of the Flash site. You can as well copy content from the Flash site and “cite” it on your blog.
  5. Add an image with the keyword as the alt-text.
  6. You can as well link to the Flash-site for showing you kindness. Then they get’s some of the traffic you steal from them back.

Remember: Write the content as a “review” so that they cannot sue you for “stealing” their content. Actually you are not stealing it, you are just rewriting it on a more search-engine-friendly platform. You are actually “helping” them to recognize that their platform sucks.

Why does rewriting Flash-sites content work?

Because Google still has big problems with indexing Flash sites. And often Flash sites are just one URL, even if you open new pages inside the site. Google will most likely miss the most of that content and not index it.

flash sites does not work in google

In which niches does this work?

It works very well in such niches where Flash-sites are common. Typically these:

  • TV-shows and movies
  • Sports
  • Celebrities
  • Music

Example that proves that copying Flash-sites works

Of course I need an example so that you believe me, right? I will add one I did a month ago. I like the extreme-sport kitesurfing very much. And as in all extreme-sports, big brands make great movies. In the end of October, the kite brand F-one launched an awesome movie called Antandroy. They released it for free, 27 minutes of kitesurfing action, on an own campaign page here ( I saw it all over Facebook and kite-forums, so I thought that people will be searching for it as well. They had been writing some great copy on their site as well. But when checking the Google index, the only thing that showed up was this:

Antandroy flash-site in google

Antandroy flash-site in google


There were one page indexed. With a bad description. The words kitesurfing and kiteboard were not there for example.

They had released the movie on Vimeo as well. So they would probably not even be mad if I made a site with the video on, probably they just wanted the video to spread across the internet for gaining some brand-awareness. So I made a blog-post on my kitesurfing blog, embedded the video from vimeo, named the post “Antandroy – F-one kitesurfing video, Madagascar, Africa” and described what was on the video, and as well cited the texts on the site.

The same day, visitors searching for “Antandroy kite”, Antandroy F-one”, “Antandroy kitesurfing”, started to show up on my site. Even “F-one kitesurfing” and “kitesurfing Madagascar” brought me traffic to that blog-post. And they found what they were looking for, the movie. A lot of them most likely watched the movie from there and never reached the F-one site.

So yes,  rewriting content from hyped Flash sites works for “stealing” traffic.

F-one, if you see this, change your site to WordPress, as for example your competitors Liquid Force have. And if you want to know how, contact me! :)

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So this was the first of 24 Christmas-SEO blog posts in the calendar. Probably the next ones will be a little shorter.

If you want me to handle your SEO, contact our company Genero.

  • Robert

    How do you find flash sites? is there a search string I could use like allinurl:”flash site” or powered by flash

    • Hi! I do not do this often, just if I stumble upon a Flash site that is in one of my niches. But you can always search in Google for “list of flash pages”, “great flash design”, “flash pages showcase” or something similar..:) Good luck!

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