SEO in Finland

SEO in Finland

SEO in Finland is a little bit different from search engine optimization in English. Finnish is a tricky language to learn, and it seems that Google does not really master it yet. Finnish is a language with a lot of suffixes, things that are added to the end of words instead of putted as a separate word in front of the main word. So that the main word would look different from time to time, it will be in different formats. Let’s take an example: “in the car” will be just one word in Finnish; “Autossa”. The word “in” does not really exist in Finnish. It is the same way with the words “on”, “with”, “from” and “to”, and many more. So to take the car, to go “with the car” would be just “autolla”.

Why is this a problem with SEO in Finland?

Imagine this: you try to write a search engine optimizes text and want to target one phrase or word. Then you have to use the word a few times in the text. But Google often see the different formats of words as separate words. So if you want to use the exact phrase multiple times in the text, it can be a little tricky to make it look natural. And if you want to target the whole word, you should try to get every format of the word represented in the text, every suffix should be presented. There are at least ten of them. And that is as well very hard to make natural-looking. It can easily start to look a little spammy.

So how to do SEO in Finland then?

I suggest you do a little like when doing SEO everywhere else, you check which of the suffixes are the most relevant and has the most searches, and target those ones. And when writing, try to write as natural as possible, Google is getting better all the time to see which words are the same, but in different formats, so the problem is slowly disappearing, I think. At Genero we are as well very good at SEO in Finland, because we live here. So do not hesitate to contact us if you want some help with your finnish SEO.

SEO in Finland - A gas station, not only search engine optimization

SEO in Finland – A gas station, not only search engine optimization

A fun fact: SEO is as well a gas-station in Finland. And they have a flash website without content. And the website is appearing as number one when searching for SEO in the finnish Google. Check this. That shows how important brands are for Google nowdays. A brands flash-site is appearing in top for such an competitive word as SEO.

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