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SEO Hero competition by Wix

I guess you found your way here after Googling things like "SEO Hero" and wanted to look up what it is, or just sneak around at some of the other competitors sites? Anyway, welcome!


Wix is giving away $50.000 to the one that can rank first on the keyword SEO Hero in March 2017. Wix will also try to rank on the same phrase.


Wix have been accused of having bad SEO, so they want to show off. If they win they think nobody can trashtalk their SEO anymore. If someone else wins, they at least got a lot of attention.


If you wanna join you should register a domain before mid December and submit that as your site in the competition at You are then in!

What is the SEO-Hero competition?

Wix is giving away $50.000 to the one ranking at first position on the phrase SEO Hero in four months. They are themselves making a page too (on wix), that they are going to try to rank first with. But whoever can try to outrank it, using whatever platform, and if you do, you will win 50K. Though, they have some criterias you have to fill to be allowed to win too.

The SEO-hero criterias

3 reasons why the SEO-Hero competition is most likely unfair and quite impossible to win

  1. You have to use a new domain for this. Wix have 78 in Trust Flow on their domain, and even if they do not build it on domain, they can always link to it from there.
  2. You need to follow Google guidelines for webmasters. These are very flummy and can be interpreted a little bit however you want. Wix can disqualify you if they think you do not follow these. While following these, it will be even harder to gain any link power for your site.
  3. Only "ethical" methods allowed. While I am a huge fan of doing seo the ethical way and with futureproof techniques, I see quite big problems with having a such abstract rule. Ethical methods are quite different depending on who you ask. Is buing old domains and redirecting them ethical? I think so. Is linking from other sites you own to the site you submitted for competition ethical? I think so. Is placing links to competitors on hacked websites or using comment spam ethical? I do not think so. But who knows what the judge thinks is ethical or not?

The SEO Hero competition winning chances

It seems like wix have guarded themselves quite well by being allowed to disqualify anyone who they do not want to win, by claiming they are unethical or do not follow the guidelines. On the other hand, it would be really hard to list things you can do or not as well. Maybe the most fair competition would be allowing everything?

I still think it is possible to win it for someone that have the time and the "power" needed. While "power" being link power or good lawyers remain unsaid.

This text is part of the SEO Hero competition by Wix, submitted by Jonathan Björkskog

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