Make a facebook profile banner

Make a facebook profile banner


You have probably seen the new Facebook profile layout, where there are five small pictures on the top of every profile page. And you have probably also been seeing that people use these five pictures to make quite awesome banners for their pages. Note: This post is about Facebook profile banners for personal profiles. If you want to see the post about Facebook profile banners for pages, click here. There are some Facebook apps that helps you with making the Facebook profile banner from one of your pictures. (I have tested this profile banner creator). But everyone has the skills to do that, here we want to step it up a little and use the four white lines that comes between images to our favor. It is impossible to get rid of, or delete the white lines, so let’s use them in this tutorial.

I am locked in to Facebook and can not get out

Sometimes it feels like I am locked in to Facebook and can not get out, I spend so much time there, because I need it in work, and you know, it is quite addicting. So let’s make a profile banner that also shows that we are in the social media prison and can’t get out.

In this tutorial we make this kind of banner:

I am locked in to facebook

I am locked in to Facebook

Step by step:

    1. Start with shooting a photo. Nothing fancy is needed, Facebook strips down the photo quality anyway.
    2. Open it in photoshop or gimp or some other program that supports layers.
    3. Download this image: (for getting proportions and seeing where the white stripes are by default.)
default Facebook profile banner

default Facebook profile banner

  1. Put this picture on top of your photo in photoshop.


    Place the default image over your photo

  2. Crop your photo so that it is the same proportions as the default photo.  You can add some opacity to the default banner photo so that you see through it, it makes it a little easier.
  3. When your photo is cropped and the same size as the default one, add some extra white lines between every white line that is already there. This will confuse people, “What, how did he make that?”
  4. I also bended the stripes that was in my hand a little, for making it more weird.
  5. When your image looks good, hide the “default banner image” so that you only see you own white painted lines. The default lines do not need to be there, the Facebook app will make them anyway.

    I am trapped in facebook!

    This is the ready image that I made. I am trapped in Facebook!

  6. When your photo is ready, go to this app: profile banner creator and upload it. The app will then do the rest for you. It will make an album for you and tag you in the pictures in the right order, so that it will look right when you go back to your profile.
  7. Check out your profile and wait for comments.
This is the ready profile banner I have made

This is the ready profile banner I have made

I made this prison-picture. You can probably find out something funnier or more cREaTiVe, I just like the possibility to use the white lines as a favor. You can also make a banner for a Facebook fan page, but then you have to cut the wide image into five small ones and upload them manually to Facebook, in reverse order. Create something awesome and post a link to your creation in the comment field below!

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  • Fyfan vad cool idé!

  • Sandhan

    Can you help me add a banner to my PAGE and not just my profile please?

    • Hi! You can make a banner in the same way, with the plugin, for your profile. Then download the five images and go to you page and upload them there in reverse order. (last one first).

      Or then you take a screenshot from your profile so that you get the sizes for the five pictures, and then you open photoshop and makes a wide picture that you cut into five pieces of the right size, and then uploads them to your page. But the first option is easier..:)

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  • johnny canuck

    I used the profile banner and made a banner. It looks great when viewed in my own profile but when viewed in someone elses profile it is jumbled randomly. I don’t want that. I need to have the banner remain in the proper order. Can you give any advice?

    • Are you sure that you have not been tagged in any other pictures after that you made it? And, check also that you allow everyone to see the pictures, that can be chenged in the facebook security settings. As well, you should try to make it again and se if the problem disappears. I have not seen the problem on any of my profiles or sites, so I do not know what it is about. Does anyone else know? Feel free to comment in that case! And if you get it fixed, please tell how you did, if someone else also has the same problem!

      • Hugh Kares

        Well, I uploaded in reverse order and tagged each photo – it still is jumbled?

      • I have the same problem, In my personal profile I can see it in nice order but when I publish to one of my fan pages, it messes up and starts randomizing the order of the pictures in the banner. I haven’t found much info in the web, I wish FB deactivated this randomization of pictures!

  • Arif


  • Its easy when there is facebook app to do it for you.. I found and that works great. It does everything and only thing you need to do is select your favorite existing banner or create your own from the tool there.

    I am usign one. Damn cool :)

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  • Thanks for sharing! although yeah agree with Sandhan would be great to be able to do it with Facebook Pages not profiles…

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  • Dude…that is awesome!  I’m definitely going to have to mess with that tonight!  Hope you don’t mind, but I’m stealing the “in facebook prison” idea.  When I’m done, I’ll post a link here for you to check it out or I’ll add a comment with the image.  I’m going to try to be a little different though.

    • Yeah, it is ok to steal it, that´s what it is made for! :) Go for it!

      • Sam Murai

        I guess you go to Facebook Prison for stealing this :)


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  • ollocks

    This is fantastic, great post.

    One question.  Is there any apps you can use to post a banner to a facebook page rather than my profile

    • I have not found any.. But you can make it for profile, download pictures, and upload on page. But they might get randomized..

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    • Haha, I might have made one if you would have provided me some more info about what picture you wanted and so on..:)

      • Aisah_arzy



    Can you help me add a banner to my PAGE and not just my profile please?

    • It is a little harder to make profile banners for pages, cause the pictures on pages might show up a little randomized when the page is reloaded. Or then you need to make a really creative banner that works even if randomized..:)

      • Yoonmi76

        ugh the randomizing is what I’m trying to avoid any work arounds?

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    Fantastic stuff, thanks! Just tried with my page but landed up going for separate, interchangeable images.

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    Hello everyone, I’m running into the same problem trying to make a profile banner for my page, the photos get randomize everytime the profile is reloaded.

    Is there any solution to this matter so that the photos maintain their order even after the page is reloaded?


    • I really does not know, maybe you just have to make one that works even randomized? :)

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  • I can’t understand why pictures from profile banner creator don’t randomize? There is a trick i guess

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    Hey Jonathan!
    I’ve been using ImageChef’s new Facebook Timeline Profile Cover Tool to customize my facebook. It’s pretty cool because I can use my own pictures and text and create my own images without photoshop so my banners are super unique. 

    They also have some pretty cool templates, you guys should all check it out!


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