Log in as page on facebook

Log in as page on facebook


So, over the years I’ve explained to everyone that you can not log in as a facebook page, a facebook page is not like a profile, it has to be a real human being that has his profile associated to the facebook page as an admin. It looks like they are changing it all now. That’s just so typical..

I have to re-think in my argues..

This is what I saw when I made a new fanpage:

login as a facebook fan pageAfter I’ve clicked that “Log in as page” button, the button disappeared, I saw NO other change. So either facebook pulled back the feature, or then I just got logged in as the page, and it is not visible anywhere.

When I clicked “Account” I saw this:

facebook profilesIt looks like I easily can switch between the page account and my personal account, Great! And when I am logged in as a page, and someone likes something on the page, I get a notification that says “someone liked your status”. And when clicking on it it goes to the fanpage and shows the status that have been liked. Nice. Okay, I wanted to change back to my personal account for more testing, then it all started bugging:

something wrongNow I can’t login to facebook anymore. Maybe they do not have every function yet.. Okay, open up a new browser for more testing then!

Things I would like with this feature:

  • The possibility to comment other pages “as my page”. This looks like it will start to work. At least for commenting from one page you own to another page you own. But facebook is still bugging. More testing tomorrow!
  • The possibility to comment my own page as my personal profile, not as the page, (That would happen if you comment without first logging in as a page). I will do some testing and then write more! THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE, TESTED!

Facebook has rolled back this function now, after the crash on Tuesday!

Looks like they are having problems at facebook. Or then it is just a PR-trick? Showing a little teaser of what is coming, for getting a popularity boost and some attention? What do you think?

And by the way, I hate it when photographers take the picture in the middle of a 720, so that it looks like a lame straight air.. :)

Also, you can only have 74 characters in your facebook page name, and when I tried to make a page for a “athlete/sport”, I couldn’t get it through with the word “hate” in the name. But when I changed the page type to “consumer product” It let me through. At least I think that it was because of the word “hate”. Tell me if I’m wrong.

Other things I’ve been writing about facebook: How to invite all friends to a facebook fan page

  • Kira Morehouse

    I agree – the ideal would be to have the ability to comment on my own Page as my personal profile (not the Page). And to comment on other Pages as my Page.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, but it seems like it is not possible.. Thought, commenting other own pages as one of your pages seems to be possible. But now the comments disappear when I comment one page as another. Maybe they are still fixing..:) This got a bit complicated..:)

  • This is great news! Mark keeps improving the plattform :P

  • Argh! I can’t log in on ANY browser anymore, not even with incognito windows in Chrome. I’ve messed it all up..:p Let’s go to sleep, it’s late in Finland. (Btw, I see that they are making changes to image galleries also?)

  • Lorena Beck

    I can’t wait to see the update! :D

  • brian

    I clicked the button – then I got “scared” and closed the browser window lol. Now every facebook.com page I go to is completely blank! nothing! zip! Can’t even access support or help on facebook. Wow, that’s clever. There goes my life ….

    • Yes, The same happened for me.. Try another browser, that works! Or maybe clearing your cookies. I already wasted all my browsers when testing..:)

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  • Ravi Pahariya

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    i want to know that how can i develop my fb page just like the red bull page or the coke page…. ??? is there any type of programing needed or i have to use some pre designed apps..??

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