I am speaking at SMX Stockholm about advanced social media tactics

I am speaking at SMX Stockholm about advanced social media tactics


As I told you in the Genero blog, I am going to be a speaker at the SMX (Search Marketing Expo) in Stockholm 15 and 16 October with a lot of SEO and internet marketing experts. I am going to be on stage with Jesper, who is going to cover things on the same topic. 

What kind of advanced social media tactics?

How to dance gangnam styleI am going to speak about some tactics in Social Media that also benefits your site in search engines. Because mostly, social media campaigns are just campaigns, they are hyped for a while and then forgotten. All the benefits you got in the campaign are soon forgotten and worthless. I like to think a little further and I really like to build campaigns that can last forever, or if they do not, they should at least give your site new content and new links that you can benefit from even after the campaign. And then we are talking about REAL links, not social media shares and likes.

I am going to cover tactics mostly with Facebook as base, because from there you can move the most people anyway. I am going to tell you about a tactic for how you first gather a decent amount of Facebook fans, then “uses” the fans as much as possible. Use is here meant in a good way for both the page and the fans. I like to use them for making content on the website, then they need to promote their own content as much as possible for being able to win prices. That means they will first create a lot of content, then they will go over to their blogs and niche-forums for promoting their own content. And of course they will promote it in all the social medias they are into as well. But I will not tell you anymore than this now, you actually needs to come over to SMX Stockholm for learning more. Or I might as well publish some slides here afterwards if it is allowed.

First, gather a decent amount of Facebook fans. Then let the fans do the marketing for you.

Why this is under the topic Advanced Social Media Tactics is because you need to control a big part of the web precense for a site for being able to do this. You need control over the technical parts of the website, you need control over the social media management for the Facebook page, and you need control over the SEO-part. And it is recommended that you have control over the content creation part for the website as well for the best results.

SEO and Social Media Tools?

Advanced social media tactics at smx stockholmI might also be in a panel speaking about SEO and social media tools, I have a few that I use, but do you have some that you use that you think I should have a look at and speak about? Please tell me!

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