How to own first page on Google for your name

How to own first page on Google for your name


I guess that you all have tried to google your name sometimes. if not,

try to google your name now.

Did you get many hits? Did you find yourselves? Did you find a lot of articles written by others? It’s not really a big deal if there are artices about you (or somebody named as you) on the first page, you can quite easily push them don to the second page, and as we all know, if it is not on the first page, it do not exist. But why do you want to reign the first page with your own pages for your own name? Not many people is probably searching for your name anyway. But, there will be some important people searching for you, these would be the boss in your company, the boss in the company where you are applying for a job, the potential business-partner that you met yesterday, the important sales-contact you got, and so on. There will not be many searches for you if you aren’t famous, but the searches you got will be really important ones! You do not want any of these people to find any crap written about you or any other people named as you.

If I search for my name, I get the following list: (will differ a little depending on location and language)

  1. My twitter account
  2. Twitter again, a random status from there
  3. This webpage,
  4. My page on a social network for PR that I am member of
  5. Something that I wrote on that social network
  6. My facebook profile
  7. My LinkedIn profile
  8. A link that I’ve posted on a facebook page.
  9. My old blog on
  10. My page on a forum for Drupal development.

These were the first page hits, everything is written by me. The second page continues with my page on our companies website, my friends blog where he mentioned my name, another page of our company, my profile page on a forum, my page on Flickr, my page on, and so on. Even here all the pages is written by me, or at least I can control what is on them. And any longer down in the search results than this I do not think anyone would go when they are searching your name. And now you also see that it is quite easy to rule the first page and push everything else about you down, because all the social networks and forums have quite high page-rank, so they will quite easily rank higher then any random blogger talking shit about you.

What are then the easy first steps you can do to rule the first page?

  1. Give your facebook profile the URL of your name, go to and chose your firstname.lastname as you username. If your facebook profile wasn’t on the first page, it will be after this.
  2. Make a twitter account, chose which ever username, but the best option is to chose one like firstnameLastname. I couldn’t cause I have a too long name. Also, register your Twitteraccount in your real name, that will then come in the title of the twitterpage for you, and then rank quite high on google if you are at least a little active on Twitter.
  3. Make a Linked In profile in your name.
  4. Make a Youtube profile in your name and favorite/upload some videos.
  5. Make a Flickr profile in your name and upload some pictures.

Now all these will probably be on the first page on google for searches on your name in a few weeks. I will still present some more advices that you can do if you want more own pages on the front-page of google.

  1. Do you have a website? Put a link to your website in all your social network pages, AND a link to your social network pages on your website, this will help google to know that all your pages is about the same person, You. If you do not have a website or blog, make one, there is a lot of free services where you can make blogs. You do not need to be very active on them, pick one that will be your main site, and put a link on all the others to that one. In the next points I will list the places where you can register yourselves for free blogs.
  2. Create a blogger blog.
  3. Create a blog
  4. Create a blog
  5. Create a blog
  6. Create a lot of other blogs on a lot of other free blogging platforms, just search google for free blog and you will find a list.
  7. Create one post in every blog, and use your name as a heading and title. These posts will be indexed, and end up quite high on Google, cause you do probably not have a lot of competitors that wants to rank high for your name.

I did only create two blogs, and, as well as my own website (this). As you see now, you could have a lot more than 10 pages where YOU can create the content. Probably the most of these pages will end up on the first page on google for searches on your name, and all the crap will be pushed down to the second or third page. If you still want to have more pages where you decide what is written, register yourselves to some forums, and make profile pages on them, put links to the profile pages on other profile pages and social networks, and put links from your profile page to your blogs (if it is allowed). With these things you can go on till you rule the 100 first pages on google for your name, but that’s overdoing it a little I think. All spots on the first page is the important thing. Harder than this it is not. So, before you apply to that fancy job, take an evening to make your google hits look good, because the employee WILL search your name.

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  • Yea you told the right ways to own my name in first page of google. thanks

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