Google plus is public and open for everyone!

Google plus is public and open for everyone!


And NOW Google released Google plus! Google plus is now public and open for all the people that want to check out its circles and stuff. And Google are really showing that it is public now, just check the following picture: 

Google plus is public open and they are showing it

Google plus is now open, and they are really showing it...

This is what I saw when checking out Google this morning. A big freaking blue arrow pointing to the +You link up to the left. The link you should click if you have not started to use Google Plus yet. When clicking that link you just have to sign up for a Google account for joining Google plus. And if you already have a Google account it is even easier. Then you just have to click the join-button on the Google plus page you arrive to when clicking the “+You-link“. I bet there is going to be A LOT of new Google plus users today!

So what is now happening to Google plus?

The early adopters (us) now get some more buddies and friends on Google plus. And a lot of new people are joining Google plus today, this means the talking on Google plus might become more interesting. The early adopters are mostly tech-people and marketing-guys, talking about tech and marketing. And for the average boy/girl that is boring. But now when Google plus is open for everyone the discussed topics there might get a little more interesting.

What is in it for us that already had Google plus half a year ago?

Yeah, what’s about us? Well, we have already made circles and have a lot of more “friends” there than the new users. That’s an advantage. And, we can put this little badge on our blogs (below) and brag about us being there before everyone else..:)

I was on Google plus before it became public

I guessed in the post where I reviewed Google plus that they would release it two months after that date, 1 july, and now it’s two and a half months later, so I misscalculated the Google engineers with half a month.. :)

I think they will go public and launch it  for everyone in about two months. -Jonathan 1.7.2011

So, Go out and enjoy Google plus right now! And do not forget to add me to your circles.

  • BFD

    I am not sure if they are the result of something I did, or something Google left on my computer, but if I do not soon find a way to stop the popups asking me to +1 sites I like, I am going to switch to Yahoo as my main search engine.

    • Hmm, that sounds weird, I have not got any popups at all that says I should +1 sites.. Could it be some toolbar or browser plugin you have that causes it?

    • No_one

      it’s google you’re talking about. they don’t do such shit.  are you really sure you don’t have a virus or smth?

  • Now I am also using Google plus. Google plus is very much useful for me. Good invention. Thanks for sharing.

  • Craskie06


    can you please see if my plus one is working and click it ;) thanks il do the same, also great blog i will be a follower in a moment, and will be avidly reading your posts about seo and such


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