Google plus – The social network

Google plus – The social network


One month after the release of Google plus one button, Google releases their new social network Google plus. This far only in a beta version only for invited people, but it will probably soon become mainstream too. But will it have any chance in the game against Facebook? I have got a invitation, and have now tested Google plus (+) and will give you my opinion about it.

How does the social network Google Plus look?

Google plus looks quite much like Facebook, combined with the Google profile look. Check the picture from the “dashboard” or logged in frontpage:

Google plus screenshot

Google plus screenshot. Click for bigger picture

Basically, there is the Google Plus stream in the center of the screen, just like Facebook. To the left is a little info about you, plus a filter for your groups of connections. To the right is suggestions of people you might know (sounds familiar?) and thumbnails of people that you are connected to. Facebook has this on the left side, very innovative Google, to put it to the right instead. #irony

Smooth interface

The Google Plus have a nice user interface, with a lot of drag and drop functions. I really like the way you add contacts or friends to circles, you just grab them from the list and put them in the right circle below. I like that circles also look like circles.

Google plus circles, drag and drop

Google plus circles, drag and drop, click for larger picture

Very nice icons are used in Google plus:

Google plus icons

Google plus icons

Google plus presentation video

Here is a video that they made for presenting the new social network:

Google plus a competitor to Facebook?

Is Google plus gonna become a serious competitor to Facebook? That´s what they are trying to at least, and by starting with only invited people and a lot of talking all over the internet, they are really starting a hype for this. Hopefully it does not end up as bad as Google Buzz and Google Wave that really flopped.

What Google plus REALLY is like

What Google plus REALLY is like :)

At least the Facebook founder Mark Zuckenberg has found his way over to Google plus, and he does not look really happy on the picture. :) Thanks to Mashable for the picture.

Mark Zuckerberg on google plus

Mark Zuckerberg does not look so happy for the new competitor Google plus

When does Google launch the Google plus for everyone?

Google plus is still a beta version just for invited people. I think they will go public and launch it  for everyone in about two months. That was the time it took between the first test of the google plus one button and the public release as well.

First I thought that I could invite people just by adding them to circles, but apparently that does not work. But if I get some more invitations to Google Plus, I will invite you all! :)


  • Google FAIL: my 12 yr old was invited to Google+ – when he updated his profile with his real birthdate, Google DISABLED his email! Seems that you can’t have a Google “account” unless you are 13, but instead of just disallowing the account creation, they disabled his email address he has had since he was 8! This is an example of why Google can’t do SOCIAL. They are a bunch of enginerds.

    • Oh, that sounds bad! I agree, Google are good at technical things, but maybe not the best at social..

      • And tell me, how can Google knew that that guy was 8 yr old when he created his account if he cheated on his birth date? (you said that he updated his profile with his real birthdate)
        By the way, Google, said that during the beta period, Google+ isn’t open for minors, while when it will become pubblic the age limit will be 13.

    • hwes

      see: Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998

  • Aadarshbohara

    hey please..if any of you have got Invitation please INVITE me as well…
    my email address is : aadarshbohara@gmail:disqus .com
    I am eager to see Google+ and wanna use it as soon as possible..
    Please send me an invitation…

    • Hi! I do not have anymore invites, I am sorry. But it will still become public anyway, just keep patient..:)

  • It seems many of us soon join the band wagon of Google Plus. Then what about Facebook?

    • Facebook is still going strong.. Maybe we just have to use both for a while? :)

  • Rajiv Nair93

    Hey there. Would really appreciate an invite. Thanks

    • Hey! If I had invites left I could invite you all, but I do not have anymore of them right now.

  • Shane

    Hey, would love an invite? sb.bartons@gmail:disqus .com
    Will definitely send invites back this way! thanks!

    • Hi! If I would have invites left I would send them, but I have no more of them for the moment!

  • Hi Jonathan, i am very happy to find your post. Everywhere one could read about the Google+ but here i got a chance to have a look. It looks like Google has just copied Facebook and made few changes to be considered as different. This can’t be taken as a Google thing. It should be much much better than this.

    • It is a little better now when it has been public for a while, but it still looks a lot like Facebook!

  • Thanks for sharing this update about Google plus and first time i am hearing about Google plus.

  • Basilia Limachi

    Parece que va a estar buenísimo

  • Dsadas

    wa wawa

  • Sekzijimbo

    Check it out, a face book page for GOOGLE +!!!

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  • Milad_bostan

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  • Testar kommentera

  • I am also a member of Google plus. I feel that both are effective. We can and advertise more information through that social media.

  • Chandler Clark

    wow this is AMAZING !!!

  • Chandler Clark

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  • The first look was not that appealing as they were getting most of the functions or more precisely they look mostly like facebook. But the improvements are pretty awesome and gives a cleaner look to the G+.

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