Google correlate – Check trends and draw lines

Google correlate – Check trends and draw lines


You have most likely read about or tested Google Trends, the Google tool that let’s you know how the search trends online goes. In that tool you get a chart with years/months and the amount of searches for your chosen word or phrase over time. But today I found a new Google tool, that is built on the Trends tool, but is even more awesome, and fun as well. Keep reading for getting to know what Google Correlate – Search by drawing is. Attention! You might find yourself still testing the incredibly funny tool in hours after this, when you should be sleeping. Read on!

What is Google Correlate – Search by drawing?

As earlier mentioned it is a tool that is measuring search trends visually. You can search for a word or a phrase, and see what kind of other words and phrases have the same kind of trend in searches. The other way to use the tool is to manually draw a curve in the tool, and hit search, then the Google Correlate searches the web for words that have the same trends as the curve you just been drawing. This is the fun part! Test it yourself here, or check the examples below!

Search by drawing, examples 

So let’s see what has been trending:

Google Correlate Windows Wallpaper

I was drawing a curve that went down until 2008, then started to go up again. Then I clicked search correlations, and Google then found a phrase that matched the curve I had been drawing. Apparently people were searching for "Wallpaper Windows" less and less until 2008, and then more and more again.


Google search by drawing - flash players

I tried the other way around, a curve that peaked in 2007-2008 and then went down again. Google Correlate then found that "Flash players" search trends matched my curve. Quite interesting by the way, Flash has peaked and is on its way down, I LIKE!

So, now try yourself to draw things in Google Correlate, draw peaks and curves, see what kind of searches is matching your drawings.

Use Google Correlate the other way around, compare trends

You can as well write a word or phrase in the tool, and let Google Correlate find another word or phrase that matches your search. This is quite interesting, search for words in your niche and look what kind of other niches are following the trends of your niche or the other way around.

Google trend cheap flights versus apartments for rent

Here I tried to check how the search trends for "Cheap flights" looks, and found out that it goes down every winter, and up again. And, Google Correlate found autoatically that the search trend for "Apartments for rent" looks almost exactly the same as "cheap flights". Apparently you need places to stay as well, when you order trips with cheap flights..:)

Twilight vs Canon powershot sd790 is

Sometimes you can find quite funny correlations, what about this, Twilight vs "Canon powershot sd790 is", they looks almost the same..:)

But stop checking my things now, go and test it yourself, you find the tool here:

The Correlate tool where you can write words is here.

The Correlate tool where you can draw lines is here.

Do you find anything funny? Let me know in the comment field below! :)

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