Google adds plus one button (+1button)

Google adds plus one button (+1button)


Google is making a Facebook-like button clone and adds a +1 (plus one) button to search results and websites. This is a way for them to get their search results even more personalized and it is definitely a way for Google to start rewarding great content and get rid of content made only for search engines. The plus one button is being launched soon!

What is the purpose with Google’s plus one button?

The Google plus one button is about word of mouth. It is launched for one reason; Google wants to improve search results and make the best results appear first. The goal they always have. The plus one button works a little like the Facebook “like” or “recommend” buttons. When you search for something, finds it, and likes it, you should press the plus one button on that page or in the search results page, for telling everyone that you liked this content. Then when other people are searching for the same topic, they will see that you liked this content.

google plus one 1 button

Google plus one button is about recommending great content. Like this:)

Why should a SEO implement the +1 button on a website?

  1. Content with a large amount of +1:s will get higher rankings in Google’s organic search results.
  2. Your content will get more visible in the SERP (Search engine result pages) if it has +1:s. It is one more thing added to the “rich snippets” (Things that already exists are breadcrumbs, sitelinks, stars-rating and more).
  3. You will get traffic. If I click plus one on something, my Google friends will see that in a similar way that my Facebook friends sees when I like something. And people trust friends, so a lot of them is going to click on it and see what I “liked” or “plus oned”. (I do not know how we are gonna say that..?)

How to use Google plus one button?

Update: Now possiblle to add plus one button to WordPress site!

Of course Google has made a video about the plus one button. Check what it is all about here:


Potential ways of miss-using the plus one button

Of course spammers will find some ways to miss-use this great feature as well. I can already think about several ways, like buying plus ones for gaining better search engine rankings, hiding plus one buttons behind other content, like people do with the Facebook like button, make a lot of fake Google profiles and just “plus one” their own content, and so on. But I think Google will have quite good control over the situation, and I think it will go smoother than with the Facebook like button.

Read more about Google +1button on some Google sites

Now I am just waiting for a WordPress plus one button plugin. I bet that there will be one for WordPress before there are one for Drupal or Joomla!

What should we call the thing we do when we press plus one?

One thought hit me; what should we say when we “plus one” something? With Facebook it is easy, just like. With twitter it is called to tweet a link. But what should we say about the plus one thing? In this post I have already been spelling it in at least three different ways, plus one, +1, +1button, and so on. Should we say like, “hey, look what I plus-oned!” Or just, “look what I plussed“, or just some plain boring “recommended“? What do you think? Feel free to tell me in the comment field!

  • Nice post! I prefer look what i plussed :)

  • Ff

    Look what I displussed

    • Yeah, maybe they make a minus one button too, or a displuss button.. Oh no, not that debate again.. Still suffering from the Facebook dislike button debate…:)

  • Backed long back at – Too little too late.

  • Yes Your +1’s are stored during a new tab on your Google profile. you’ll be able to show your +1’s tab to the globe.Nice Post

  • Yes Your Google +1’s are stored during a new tab on your Google profile. you’ll be able to show your +1’s tab to the globe.Nice post

  • Interesting button, i think to insert them to my ste.

  • Allison

    does that mean if some declines to press the button, they are “nonplussed”?

  • Mark Finch

    Loads of websites have already picked up the +1 button from google. Facebook is going to have compotition. Just check out this like website origionally made for facebook, now they have a Google +1 button.

    • Mircea Giurca

      Any one knows of a wordpress plugin that will help me get some +1s?
      I have stumbled across one at , seems pretty advanced! Are there any alternatives though?

  • Stephan

    Here is a cool Joomla Module for the new Google +1 Button.
    Random Snippets: How to add the Google +1 Button to Joomla 1.6

  • l higgins

    does the plus one button show stranger on the web you LIke this or just your friends?

  • l higgins

    does the plus one button advertise to tohe world you liked a certain item or just people in your google friends list

    • To people you know, and to people on that checks your profile on Google plus.

  •  All most all the blogs installed this plus one and I think this will be add some weightage in the search results.

  • Loving the +1 at the moment

  • mike

    Just installed it, surprisingly easy !

  • Adding the google+ button is easy and to me, it looks much nicer than the “like” button

  • This site does a great job at adding the Google+ button:

  • georgia 2011

    Google as the seeds of anti-social networking is sown in the user interface. Simple applications that are the heart of the Web, like socialization smiley icons, free sharing, fun quiz or multiplayer games are not part of this service. Instead, people are given a licensee to rank their friends, called circles. New Google account plus the capital is limited to requests for authors to send in a specific group of accounts, making it difficult for the general public, in the hands of an attractive building. You can add much to the dismay, but they also stopped to call the company that they saw people lurking in behalf of Google to enroll and violins + Networking applications or services.

    Buy Google Plus 1

    • Bought plus ones will never help anyone.. So stop trying to fool people..:)

  • I have used a +1 button in, just need to know if we can add this button in our email campaigns also

    • I do not think that it is possible to add Google plus one button to emails, does anyone else know? 

  • Pratik

    Hello there,
    Can anybody tell me how to add this +1 button in Google sites? I’ve been copying and pasting the code but while saving it removes all the code with tag. 
    Please help.

    • Hmm, I do not know how it works on Google sites. Is there any section where you can paste tags? Try to put the script there, and the button code somewhere else.

  • Hello everyone,
    The only way to know if the +1 button can help rankings is to test it.
    So, I am willing to offer 5 Google +1’s absolutely free for anyone who would like to test them on their website.
    You can find me here:

  • One of the best plus one services I have found for Google Plus Ones is – They have increased my search engine rankings after buying a 500 plus one package. More plus ones can really help your SEO efforts.

    • Haha, social impacts like plus ones and Facebook likes have some impact on your rankings, but only quality counts. So by buying 200 plus ones from semi-fake Google accounts will not help your rankings, I am sorry.. Getting 200 likes from people in your area that are active online and have a lot of “friends” will help a lot more. But such ones you can’t buy. So I guess you should keep on making great content and sharing it instead of trying to trick search engines with fake “plus ones”, that will pay of! :)

  • This site does a great job at adding the Google+ button:

  • Thanks for the article.  Should be interesting how this all plays out.

  • Ks1934

    i accidentally +1’d something, and i want to know how to “minus one” now. how do i…?

    • You can click again on the plus one button. That will remove your plus from the site. A minus one button will never be made, I think..:)

  • Pameinos84

     If you want to increase your site’s SERP you should buy google +1 from this trusted seller.
    Only the best level of service at the lowest prices is provided by this company
    They only deliver real, quality +1 votes to your account. Plus Ones are added manually by their team to ensure the best quality. No bots used, ever!

    • Bought plus one’s will never help anyone. I do not support that kind of business.

  • How to add this button only? (without the number around)

    • Add annotation=”none” to the code where you places the button. That will do the trick!

  • Iwebtra

    awesome i added in my site…chk it out

  • Chrissy_Spec

    Unfortunately this probably will get exploited and I will hold my hand up and say that I have purchased some myself! There are alot of sites out there selling them so be careful who you deal with!

    I personally found these guys pretty good:

  • Mario

    Yea that very true, it is an interesting subject the google plus one. I was myself tempted to buy google plus ones and in the end i did i got them from http://www.plusonesgold
    I bought 100 plus ones from them and it was all fine! I might be getting more actually!

    • Ijaz Ahmed615

      If you want to increase your site’s SERP you should buy google plus ones from this trusted seller. Only the best level of service at the lowest prices is provided by this company They
      only deliver real, quality +1 votes to your account. Plus Ones are
      added manually by their team to ensure the best quality. No bots used,

  • How much does it influence the ranking? Google has started giving more importance to +1 taking it as a trust vote?

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