Connect to internet on a mac using a Nokia N900

Connect to internet on a mac using a Nokia N900


Okay. Now we are going OFF-TOPIC again. And big time. This post is not even mentioning Facebook or SEO, the things that I usually write about. But I know that my colleagues (Sebastian and Rasmus) desperately needs to know this before they go for skiing vacations, so I will drop it here on the blog, wether you like it or not. 

Why do I now want to connect to internet on my mac using my Nokia N900?

connect to internet with a mac using nokia n900Because I am going for a SNOWBOARDING vacation tomorrow. And it suddenly hit me that there might be a risk that there is NO INTERNET in the small house in Ruka, Lapland, where we are going to stay. No internet for almost a week, I do definitely not think so. So I had to ask my friend Google and do some testing, trying and freaking out, and suddenly I managed to go ONLINE using my Nokia N900.

How do you connect to internet using a Nokia N900?

Step by step:

  1. Do NOT download ANYTHING from Nokia or Apple websites, the things they provide does not do the trick with Nokia and mac.
  2. Connect your Nokia N900 through the USB cable. (Yes, I know, it is possible to use Bluetooth as well, but it will drain your phone battery and your computer battery faster than anything, so skip that.)
  3. Chose “PC Suite” on your phone screen when the annoying popup appears.
  4. Open “Network settings” on your white shiny little mac.
  5. Find your phone in the list to the left.Write *99#, the magic number in the phone number box
  6. Write *99# in the “phone number” box. That’s the magic number.
  7. Click “advanced“. Choose “Nokia” in the first dropdown and “GPRS” in the second.
  8. Find the box APN. Write your APN in that one. You find your APN from your phone, Google said. (No, I didn’t). You can ask for your APN from your service provider. (I did not wake them up wit annoying phone calls, it is night now). OR, do it my way, search on GOOGLE for “your provider APN“. In my case “saunalahti APN”. Write your APN in the APN box. Not that hard, huh?
  9. Write the magic word you got from Google, AT&T, Halebop or whoever in the APN box. For me the word was internet.saunalahti.
  10. Click OK. Then, click “Connect“. You are ONLINE!

Awesomeness still happens. Things that were easy on a PC using Nokia OVI Suite was even easier on a mac, with no third party application. Great success. Now go to a place where there is no internet,(Lapland), and be the only one with access to Facebook. You will make a lot of friends. And you can rent your computer to your friends. Expensively.

Thanks for reading about how to connect to internet on a mac using a Nokia N900, probably you are all having Iphones, so you do not need to know this, but anyway…

  • Kjell

    Nice, quick and tidy explanation – you leave apple and Nokia in the shadow

    • Haha, thanks! Maybe I should start to work with user-manuals for products? :)

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