Citynetwork blogging competition, a perfect linkbait?

Citynetwork blogging competition, a perfect linkbait?


The Webbhotell City Network has a smart blogging competition where they gives away an iPad to the person that has the “best” blog. Their guest bloggers is going to decide who wins the iPad. I Think this is a very smart way for them to get A LOT OF LINKS, because you participate in the competition by writing a post in your blog and link to their website in the post. I think a lot of persons (including me, you see) is willing to share a link on their blog for the opportunity to win an iPad. This, for the price of an iPad, gives the company City Network a lot of relevant inlinks.

A company may think that an 900€ iPad is an expensive gift to give away just for some links, but I think, by making it a competition like this, they get so much relevant links so the 900€ (or whatever it may cost) is very cheap. The links they get will also give them a lot of traffic, and a lot of the traffic is bloggers, and a lot of bloggers need a need a webhotel (web host), City Network provides web hosting, I think you get the point.

win ipad by blogging for citynetwork

What all does City Network get for the price of the iPad in this case:

(by now, they have already 50 participants in the competition)

  • A lot of links that drives people to their site, people that may need their services.
  • A lot of new people following the links and reading about the competition, then writing their own blogpost and gives them even more links. Keeping the snowball rolling.
  • The awareness of their brand is growing a lot! (I did not know about City Network before)
  • Link power for search engines, a lot of relevant inlinks will give their website a huge boost in the search engines for some keywords. (quick guess, at least the word Webbhotell). A very good word to be found on, I guess the people searching for that really needs a web host.

So now you may see that the iPad was not at all a expensive giveaway for some links. I think that this would definitely work for a lot more niches than the hosting niche. A lot of Companies have a good lesson to learn here!

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  • I believe it’s called web host, and not webhotel, bro… :D

    • Jonathan

      Yep, I know, but these guys are swedish, and there people are talkin about web hotel, or “webhotell”. The competition is made for the swedish market :) I added the word host, though. Thanks bro.. :)

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