Work time-effectively by using the pomodoro technique

Work time-effectively by using the pomodoro technique


When programming or making websites, it is quite hard to stay focused, and the time might fly away when doing other stuff than what you are supposed to do. I read about a technique where you need to focus for 25 minutes, have a five minutes break (Not optional), focus for 25 minutes, have a five minutes break, and so on. It is called the pomodoro technique. You should use a timer for making this work.

The name Pomodoro comes from the timers looking like tomatoes. (Pomodoro in Italian)

The name Pomodoro comes from the timers looking like tomatoes. (Pomodoro in Italian)

I saw an article reviewing a pomodoro technique book by Staffan Nöteberg, and that is where I got this Idea from. I think that the technique really would fit me, and people like me. The book is available on Amazon: Pomodoro Technique Illustrated: Can You Focus – Really Focus – for 25 Minutes? (Pragmatic Life). The pomodoro technique seems to be quite simple, I do not know what could be int the book that can not be found on Wikipedia, but I might buy it next time we order books from Amazon, I would like to know some more about the technique, and why it works.


So what is the pomodoro technique all about?

The human being can’t concentrate too long. That’s why pomodoro technique is teaching you to focus only 25 minutes, and then take a break. Then you feel that the break is close all the time, you just have to focus for at most, 25 more minutes. And you have to take the break. Even if you are in the middle of a row of code. Another benefit from the technique is that you find it very easy to start working again after your 25 minutes break if you have been taking the break in the middle of something. And, no, you will not forget anything in five minutes.

For who does the pomodoro technique fit?

It fits people that have to rely on themselves to get the job done. People that have to plan their own time during the work-day. It was invented for coders, and it fits very well for people working with web and for writing articles. Actually, I tested this technique by writing this post, and one about How to show Google rankings in WordPress back end with SEO Reporter Plugin in two pomodoro periods.

For what does the pomodoro technique not fit?

It does not fit for meetings, not for the planning process where you have to cooperate with other people all the time. If more than one (or a few) people should cooperate, it does not really work. Though, the pomodoro technique has been tested in pair programming, with success.


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