Add plus one button to website

Add plus one button to website


Now, today, the first of June, it is possible to add a plus one button (+1) to every website! Google announced that they release it for live use today, after a two months test period. (Yes, you have been able to test the Google plus one button already, but only for search results, not directly on websites.) Read on for finding out how to add the plus one button to your website!

How to add plus one button to website

You can go to this page on Google. There is provided a code that you have to insert on your website and your blog on the places where you want the button. It is very simple, just a simple javascript tag in the header of your page, and a custom Google code on the place where you want the plus one button on your website.

This is the code that goes into the header: <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

This is the code that you insert where you want the +1 button to appear: <g:plusone size=”tall”></g:plusone>

Add plus one button to website, the Google plus one button

That’s it! The plus one button will now appear on your site! Like this you can add it on single pages and posts also in WordPress, but if you want a separate plus one button for every post on your blog page (often front page) you need to tweak it a little more. More about that here: Add plus one button to WordPress.

One thing to note, you have to be logged in to Google (Gmail for example) for being able to use the button. I added it to this blog now as well, you can try to plus-one this post by clicking on the button, it is on the top of the post, beside the Facebook- and Twitterbutton.

Also check the Google Plus social media.


  • thanks for sharing such a nice button 
    i was searching for this from 2-3days

    SEO Expert India

  • (please delete this. posted by mistake)

  • CJ Johnson

    Thanks. I will put this to use in our web site relaunch. And… I +1’ed it.

  • Thanks for the info!  Looking to add the button to my site within the next few days.

  • how to do this for a static site ?   tweet, like and plus

  • Guesta

    it is not xhtml valid!

    • So? Has that ever meant anything? Nothing on this site is xhtml valid, but people and Google likes it anyway..:)

    • Jon

      The g:plusone and fb:like tags are proprietary.  The only way to make xhtml pages validate and still use these tags is to replace div elements using javascript.  I’m using both the Google+ and Facebook buttons on my site in xhtml 1.0 strict and it validates just fine.  Ideally, it should also work in xhtml 1.1 and xhtml 5…but since IE is still stuck in the stone age with the xhtml+xml header, we can still serve 1.0 with the html header when necessary.  So IE 7 and IE 8 still work.

  • awesome tips I agree with you great posting

  • why is google plus one doesn’t work starting from first of august 2011? 

  • Aly M Badawy


    • Counts, and some visibility on Google plus, and maybe some improved rankings..

  • Douglas Garratt

    Thanks for this will be using over at thanks for sharing!

  • I try to add plus one button to my joomla web site , but nothing appears. I need something like plugin for joomla.

  • Anonymous

    thanks! i was able to put it below the header. thank you so much!

  • Anonymous

    used it here thanks again!

  • thanx a lot!!!

    been looking to a add this +1 on my wordpress!!!

    doing it now!!!

  • Great to know the — in depth from this blog.This will really help for my forward steps to be taken.

  • Mario

    i added the plus one button to my site and then found this good website that sell google plus ones. I bought 100 plus ones and they gave them to me all fine! their support is also pretty good, so maybe some of u want to try them out too! The site is

  • Do I need to add to home page only or at every page????

    • Jon

      Either.  If you want to use it on individual pages and have only those pages +1d indivdually, then you need to add the href=”http://yourdomain/youpage” to the g:plusone line or add link rel=”canonical” tag in your pages head tag.  Google+ is suppose to search for this tag when no href is supplied.

  • Gaurav Rai39

    how to add in blogspot

  • The code you’ve given is obsolete (I tried it on March 2012). The link you’ve pointed to works though!

  • I was searching from so many days this type of effort so Today I got it & now I will try add this button on my website ….

  • Ted

    Does anyone know if having the +1 on a page gives Google the chance to monitor visitor info? eg number of hits, keywords etc?

  • Thanks for offering information Great work keep sharing

  • if you could tell me how to add plus button in the of every blog post then it will really great.
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