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Explaining SEO, totally.

August 15, 2013

The internet has given us big things. One of the biggest is probably GIF-pictures. Here is the whole wonderful phenomen SEO explained in only GIF-pictures, your’e welcome!

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Print the first picture from a wordpress post

December 29, 2012

Catch the first image from a wordpress post? Why is there needed a function for that? There are already the “featured image” function in WordPress. Well, for many purposes, that cannot be used. For example if you have a blog where a lot of people are writing, and you are listing excerpts with a image in your front page or category pages, like I do on this blog. If you do, the easiest way is to let people use featured image in blog posts, and then you just print that one in your index.php and category.php. But the problem is, people does not always remember to use featured image. And you do not want to teach them all the time how to do. And you do not want your site’s design to break because bloggers are forgetting to use the function. Then a fallback function picking the first picture from the post is great! Read more

List posts from all blogs in WordPress multisite

December 27, 2012

This was one annooying thing to do. It is hard to find any information about how to list posts from all blogs in WordPress multisite. Most websites just refer to a plugin that costs at least $19 a month. I did not want to use that plugin. And I want to do it in the template, so that I can customize the output in the most seo-friendly way, so I had to Google around a little, do some trial and error, and this is now one way to do it: Read more

Facebook makes money on you. LIVE WITH IT!

November 25, 2012

Facebook has now announced that they can use your personal data outside Facebook as well, for adding demographics to ads. That means that if you like “Toyota cars” on Facebook, you might see some more Toyota ads than usual when surfing websites in the future. AND PEOPLE GOES CRAZY as usual! -”Nooo, Facebook has no right to use my data, nooo, Facebook is evil, Nooo, Facebook should not make money on me“. I am getting so tired… Read more

The cheatsheet for creating content on websites

October 22, 2012

If you are reading my blog you probably know that I know something about search engine optimization, and one part of that is creating content. Below is a list that you should follow when creating content on your website, if you want to get as big visibility as possible in Google. A cheatsheet so to speak. Read more

I am speaking at SMX Stockholm about advanced social media tactics

September 29, 2012

As I told you in the Genero blog, I am going to be a speaker at the SMX (Search Marketing Expo) in Stockholm 15 and 16 October with a lot of SEO and internet marketing experts. I am going to be on stage with Jesper, who is going to cover things on the same topic.  Read more

Code for adding facebook app to facebook page

July 13, 2012

Nowdays you need a code for adding facebook app to a facebook page. Yes, Facebook dudes have removed the “add app to page” link that was earlier visible in the app profile page, that they as well have removed. But there is a way to add facebook canvas page apps to facebook pages still! Read more

The Pinterest WordPress theme

June 10, 2012

So, now you all have became familiar with the smooth and stylish site Pinterest. Maybe you publish and pins your pictures there and gets some referral traffic and sales to your site? Well that is good. But do you know why people are so amazingly amazed with pinterest? Why they spend so much time there and like the site so much? No? Well, it is at least partly because of the incredible nice look and feel of the website, with everything ordered nicely and in an easy to overlook way. Did you know that you can make your own site to look exactly like Pinterest and get the same great look? There is now a Pinterest WordPress theme avialable, and here is how to get it: Read more

Add pinterest pin-it button to WordPress site

February 28, 2012

Okay, the new big thing in social media seems to be here, and it is called Pinterest. Let’s start as usual by gaining some traffic and referrals from that new site by adding a pinterest pin-it button to our WordPress website or blog, so that people can start pinning our pictures and therefor send us visitors as well. It goes like this Read more

How to make “This is what my friends thinks I do” -pictures

February 16, 2012

You have probably all seen them all over Facebook lately. The “This is what my friends think I do“-pictures with 6 funny pictures in. And you maybe want to make an own? Well, it is not hard at all, you can actually download the photoshop template here and just add you own pictures to it. Read more

Successful Facebook campaign, case study MUSCH

January 4, 2012

It starts to be a long time ago since I last shared a case study, I think it is time for one again! This is a case study of a successful Facebook campaign we ran before Christmas for one of our (Genero Digital Agency) customers, MUSCH, a dog and cat food making company in Finland.

Help us gain more attention for this, Check and like the case on Facebook Studios here. Read more

Make a WordPress timeline for comments (Facebook look-a-like)

January 2, 2012

After Facebook launched the timeline, I have thought about some different ways of making something in WordPress that looks like the Facebook Timeline. I made a page that shows all my comments in 2011 as a timeline (Check it!). I made it after seeing on Twitter that forsandree had made a guide for making a WordPress timeline for comments (Here is his timeline as well). Unfortunately for you, the guide is in Swedish. But I will try to explain it for you here! Read more

My 20 new year promises for 2012

January 1, 2012

Yeah, it is that time of year again, time to make new year promises for the new year, 2012. Promises that you probably never will be able to keep..:) But anyway, it is always good to set goals! Here are my new year promises for 2012:

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SEO tip 10: SEO toolbars for Google Chrome

December 19, 2011

Let’s telk about useful toolbars today. Useful SEO toolbars for Google Chrome, to be more specific. Most of / all of the toolbars I present are also avialable for Mozilla Firefox, but I can’t stand updating my browser everytime I starts it and still have to wait a long time before accessing the internet, so I have got used to use Google Chrome, and therefor I present the toolbars for just Chrome Read more

SEO tip 9 – Do a keyword research for knowing what to write

Before you start writing, there is always good to do a keyword research for knowing what to write. Because you do not want to write a 100% onpage optimized text that appears on spot one in Google if nobody is searching for the text, right? That would be waste of time and money. So before writing, make sure to do a keyword research. Read more

SEO-trick 16 – Use a company blog for getting traffic from trends and seasons

December 16, 2011

I hope you have tried to add a blog for gaining more traffic to your site? I will today relieve a little about blogging for trends and seasons. You know, things that happens all the time, some every year, like Christmas and Spring break for example, and other’s that are harder to plan for, like earthquakes and your country winning the football world cup. But anyway, you can always use seasons and trends for gaining some more traffic. Let’s talk a little about how. Read more

SEO-trick 8: Tools for checking backlinks to own and competitors website

December 10, 2011

When you start working with a site, you havet o know what you have to work with, right? You may want to know what kind of links tou already have pointing to your site, and of course, you want to know what kind of backlinks your competitor have pointing to his site or subpage. Let’s check! Read more

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